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A Cruel Focus : Grades

Format and title inspired by today’s Slice of Life featured teacher writer, Maureen.

They seem to define middle school and the kids within.
It's all they seem to care about,
It's all they seem to see.

I hate grades but I am required to have ten
Per quarter for both subjects I teach.
Ten subjective, non-specific grades that can cause:

social stigma

"They aren't that important!" I want to shout.
"They don't define you!" I want to scream.
"Sometimes, I completely make them up," I whisper.

Don't put so much pressure on yourself 
Or your child
Because of grades.
There are so many other important things to notice,

What did you learn today?
What ignited passion in you today?
What confused you today?
What mistake did you make today?
How did you grow today?

Grades. A cruel fate not only for
but also
for teachers.

Published by Cheri Hart

Which title to begin with? Teacher. Mom of two. Wife of one. A person trying to live their best life and touch a few lives along the way.

5 thoughts on “A Cruel Focus : Grades

  1. Oh yes! And though you are writing about middle school, I can assure you that this continues into high school. I’m currently teaching one class of 12th grade English and – oh! – how I wish they could let go, just a little, and learn. I feel like we should post your list of questions on the board & just leave it at that.


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